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A soft landing plan

Posted by Karen Driver
Targets to mitigate climate change will be discussed again by world governments in Paris, later this year. Despite the now alarming evidence of climate change and growing levels of concern around the world, I suggest the chance of a meaningful and binding response is low. The world’s juggernaut of manufacturing, oil based food production, weapons industry etc. would take decades… read more

You can make a difference for our community

Posted by Karen Driver
We are blessed in the Nelson Tasman region with a wonderful climate and outstanding scenery which makes this a beautiful place to live and attracts others to visit. Our natural features alone, however, are not enough to make this a thriving and vibrant region – that requires investment in our community to provide a range of social, recreational, and cultural… read more

Eat Eggs – Give More

Posted by Karen Driver
The Research: New research from The Netherlands [1] suggests that eating eggs may lead people to be more charitable. Researchers found that charitable donating could be promoted by the addition to your diet of an essential amino acid called Tryptophan. The Tryptophan converts into serotonin and melatonin, which promotes mood balancing, good social behaviour, acts of kindness and the making… read more