Composting Toilets

In Nature there is no concept of waste.


Composting Toilets

  • Popular and proven in earthquake damaged Christchurch due to damage to centralised city sewer system. Used also in Haiti after earthquake there.
  • Substantially more environmentally friendly, easier to use and cheaper alternative to flushing toilet versions such as mobile portaloos, chemical toilets.
  • Join the growing awareness in New Zealand of the benefits of Composting Toilets.


Make Your Own – The Two Bucket, Wheelie Bin Composting Toilet System


2 buckets
1 Container made from recycled wood
Toilet Seat
Wheelie bin

  • Urine Bucket Only: Fill and maintain bucket to 5 parts water/1 part urine, empty daily over garden to benefit plants. No container required.

  • Faeces bucket only: Assemble a wooden box container with hole cut around the centre, put bucket through hole, place/attach toilet seat over hole.

  • Keep a container of dry material e.g. Dry leaves, wood shavings next to bucket and use it to routinely cover faeces, toilet paper and thus stop fly attraction and bad odour.

  • Place twigs at bottom of a wheelie bin to ensure airflow, cover by dry material e.g. Hay.

  • Add your waste collected from faeces bucket (once every month) on top of twig base. Layer until wheelie bin is full and then wait another 2 months for the fertiliser to fully develop for best use in the garden.


  • Clean buckets, wheeliebin with vinegar avoiding bleach.
  • Always seal faeces bucket to prevent fly intrusions.
  • Try to balance the moisture and air in faeces bucket and wheeliebin.