Compost your organic waste

Tasman District and Nelson City Councils offer a $20 subsidy towards compost bins, worm farms and worms to their ratepayers.  Nelson Environment Centre can provide advice to help you choose the best compost method for you and your whanau.  We are part of the Council’s subsidy scheme so offer their discount on all compost and Bokashi bins and also worm farms.  The coupons are also available through the Council websites (NCC & TDC) along with details of where else to purchase the bins.

The Create Your Own Eden website covers traditional composting using a compost heap or bin, vermiculture or worm farming, and EM Bokashi. Go to the Create Your Own Eden website to find out more!

Auckland Council have recently created a new website called The Compost Collective.  This provides more advice on how to choose the best composting systems for your needs.


  • Rich fertiliser source resulting in the fastest plant growth.
  • Provides your own fertiliser source within 2 months, no longer have to buy commercial compost saving you money.
  • Be apart of a network of communities, individuals, businesses in New Zealand who create their own compost.


How to Make Your Own Compost

  • Choose a shaded site for your box/ wheelie bin
  • Alternate 20cm of straw/newspaper/leaves/prunings with 5cm horse, human  manure/grass/weeds topped with sprinkling of hydrate lime to create a layer.
  • Repeat layers.
  • Cover the open box with old carpet or with lid for wheelie bin to keep heat in and water out.
  • DON’T press layers down, make layers too wet, cover with plastic to ensure good air circulation.