Nelson Environment Centre E-Waste Recycling

Nelson Environment Centre offers a user pays electronic waste (e-waste) recycling service through our Ecoland site at 31 Vanguard Street, Nelson.  A collection service is available – charges apply.

TV’s and MonitorsPrice
CRT TV$    45.00
Flat Panel TV$    25.00
CRT Computer Monitor$    20.00
LCD Computer Monitor$    15.00
Desktop or server$      5.00
Laptop$      6.00
Modem, switch, router, computer speakers (per unit)$      4.00
Data Destruction per drive$    15.00
UPS (Uninterrupted power supply)$      5.00
Laptop (battery only)$      6.00
Small Printers or Scanners or Fax machine$    15.00
Multifunction Printer or Large Printer$    35.00
Photocopiers Small to Medium (up to 0.5 m3)$    50.00
Printer/photocopier Large$    70.00
Consumer Electronics
Mobile phone / Mice / Digital camera / GPS FREE
Keyboard and docking station$      4.00
Small appliances (toaster, kettle etc.)$      7.00
Medium appliances (Microwave/Vacuum/Heater etc.)$    15.00
Disposable non-recyclable batteries (AA, AAA etc.)$     6.00 per kg
Cables / miscellaneous$     3.00 per kg
Stereo / Gaming Console / DVD / VHS$     7.00
Speakers$     4.00
Fluorescent Tubes$     2.00 each
Compact fluorescent bulbs$     1.00 each
Note:  It is the responsibility of the customer to remove their data/information from any devices deposited with NEC for recycling.  Deletion of data does not completely remove it from the device.  NEC can offer a secure data destruction service at an additional cost.

Drop off to 31 Vanguard Street is open Monday to Friday 10am until 4pm.  Please contact us to arrange to Collection (additional cost) or if items in your load are more than 40kg.


E-waste is the fastest growing type of waste in the world.

In New Zealand we generate around 80,000 tonnes  of e-waste per year. Some e-waste contains dangerous metals and other substances that can be toxic to the environment and to human health if disposed of or handled inappropriately. Some e-waste may also contain valuable and scarce resources that should be recovered and recycled rather than landfilled.