Electronic Recycling & Services

Nelson Environment Centre offers a user pays electronic waste (e-waste) recycling service through our Ecoland site at 31 Vanguard Street, Nelson.  Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council both provide a $20 subsidy off the costs of e-waste recycling that is brought in to our Ecoland Centre.  The subsidy is open to ratepayers only (one per year).  A collection service is available – charges apply.  Our brochure is available here

TV’s and MonitorsPrice
CRT TV $    45.00
Flat Panel TV $    25.00
CRT Computer Monitor $    25.00
LCD Computer Monitor $    15.00
Desktop or server $      5.00
Laptop, e-readers $    10.00
Modem, switch, router, computer speakers (per unit) $      6.00
Data Destruction per drive $    15.00
UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) $      5.00
Laptop (battery only) $      6.00
Small Printer/photocopier/fax (up to 0.05m3)$   18.00
Medium Printer/Photocopier (0.05 to 0.1m3)$   25.00
Large Printer/Photocopier (0.1 to 0.5m3) $   50.00
Extra Large Photocopier (above 0.5m3)$    70.00
Consumer Electronics
Mobile phone / Mice / Digital camera / GPS FREE
Keyboard and docking station$     4.00
Small appliances (toaster, kettle, landline phone etc.)$     7.00
Heater / Fan (no oil heaters accepted)$     7.00
Medium appliances (Microwave/Vacuum etc.)$   15.00
Batteries (AA, AAA etc.)$    6.00 per kg
Cables / miscellaneous$    6.00 per kg
DVD / VHS$   10.00
Stereo / Gaming Consoles$     7.00
Speakers (each unit)$    4.00
Fluorescent Tubes$    2 each
Compact fluorescent bulbs$    1 each
Printer toner cartridges$    1 each

Note:  It is the responsibility of the customer to remove their data/information from any devices deposited with NEC for recycling.  Deletion of data does not completely remove it from the device.  NEC can offer a secure data destruction service at an additional cost.

Drop off to 31 Vanguard Street is open Monday to Friday 10am until 5:30pm or Saturday 9am until 1:30pm.  Please contact us to arrange a collection (additional cost) or if items in your load are more than 40kg.

Phone:03 545 9176
Email: info@nec.org.nz

Please note: Brother printers are accepted free of charge at Lazers Edge, Shed 8, 29 Parkers Road, Tahunanui 03 546 8848.

Computer Support Services

Our E-Waste team can offer some basic computer support services.  These services are by appointment only so give us a call to make a time.

Please note the list below contains indicative prices only and does not include the cost of parts.

Computer Hardware CleaningLaptops $100

Desktop $30

Transferring Personal Data to another Windows Computer$70
Hard Drive replacement for laptops and desktops$50
Upgrade computer RAM$15
Diagnose & fix a laptop or desktop$30-$100

Electrical Testing & 2nd hand Components

Our E-Waste team have a qualified technician who can test and tag your electrical appliances & devices.

The fee for this service is just $10 per item with proceeds providing support to our other programmes including Kai Rescue.

We also stock a range of 2nd hand electronic components including flat screen monitors, power supplies, fans, leads etc.

Check out our Trademe account Nelson.eWaste for more items

Give us a call to see if we have what you need in stock

E-waste is the fastest growing type of waste in the world.

In New Zealand we generate around 80,000 tonnes  of e-waste per year. Some e-waste contains dangerous metals and other substances that can be toxic to the environment and to human health if disposed of or handled inappropriately. Some e-waste may also contain valuable and scarce resources that should be recovered and recycled rather than landfilled.