Eco Homes

More than 50% of all the worlds’ houses are built of earth mixed with grass, straw, water and when spent are returned to the earth with zero pollution.

  • Future proof your household: install solar hot water, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, clean air wood burners.. to generate your own heating and electricity, reduce power bills, protect yourself from rising energy prices and shortages of fossil fuel and improve the resale value of your home.
  • Insulate your home to the required standard and minimise heat loss.
  • Be part of the global solution to provide environmentally sound solutions.
  •  Use eco friendly materials that are ideally recycled, sourced locally, natural and non toxic
  • Rescue waste materials from landfill and reduce demand to cut down trees and mine mineral ores.
  • Avoid the need for a building consent if your building is a 1/2 bedroom home (under 10m2).
  • Reduce dependence on centralised sewage systems by using on-site contained sewage treatment.
  • Build to New Zealand building performance and functional standards that are safe, durable, comfortable, warm and energy efficient.            
  • Enjoy a structure which can be used as a sleep out, office, granny flat, studio, man’s shed etc
  • Imagine…a timeless alternative suitable for the increasingly nomadic society of today where inefficient, environmentally costly buildings can become outdated, out of use within 10 years and difficult to pull down.

PERSONAL PROFILES: New Zealanders Leading from the Front


Michael Reynolds, Earthship

Created the Earthship concept as a prototype for all things an Eco home should exhibit.

“an earthship is a building with a soul. Its designed as a self-contained, impact minimising land based ‘ship’ constructed from what others throw away and designed to work in harmony with the environment”



Mark Fielding, Solabode Ltd

Has 35 years of experience designing and building Eco homes that minimise cost and environmental impact.  Information about Building your Eco Home by Mark Fielding are here.


More Information

Some other useful resources:

Garbage Warrior, a documentary
Earthship New Zealand, website
Solabode, eco home building website