Nelson Environment Centre’s Ecoland site opened in January 2017.



Our Eco Shop retails products that can help our community live more sustainably.  Our staff and volunteers are available to provide information, advice and recommendations.  Profits from the shop help fund Kai Rescue and our environmental educational activities.

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ECOLAND volunteer Neil unloads a printer to be recycled

Our Electronic Waste recycling service accepts electronic items for recycling.  Charges apply dependent on the item.  The charge relates to the cost to NEC of handling and ethically recycling the item.

We support national initiatives to encourage the implementation of mandatory product stewardship schemes for e-waste to ensure that the manufacturers, retailers and importers take responsibility for the costs of recovery and recycling of their products throughout the whole lifecycle.




Ruth, Jenny and Gileen rescuing feijoa juice bladders on the first day!Kai Rescue collects food that is good enough to eat but not good enough to sell.  Saved from landfill this food is redistributed to local charities who work with those in need.