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Do one thing differently, one step at a time

LFHW top ten foods thrown away

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Choose one action below, email us to tell us what you are going to do and then again how it goes.

  1. Plan it – checking cupboards and fridges, and making a list before going shopping
  2. Store it – correct storage, i.e. airtight containers for salads and herbs; the fridge for most fruits (not bananas or pineapples); the freezer for leftovers and bulk purchases.
  3. Portion it – know how much to serve; serve less rather than more and encourage the family to ask for seconds if they need more; any leftovers that remain unserved can then be used at a later date.
  4. Use it – use the whole food item i.e. stalks; leaves; chicken carcass
  5. Love it – love your leftovers. Any leftovers that you know will be used in the next two days should be stored immediately in the fridge in the right kind of container. Anything else should be frozen or preserved.

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Recipes from Michael McMeeken – Streat Kitchen, Nelson

For recipes, youtube clips and ideas on delicious simple ways to use all the goodness of a chicken or the whole cauliflower check out our clips on the Nelson City Council website here.