What You Can Do at Home


Love Food Hate Waste

Support the campaign to Love Food Hate Waste

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eco homes

Eco Homes

There are now many ways you can contribute to a more environmental future and future-proof your home. From simple things like recycling your waste, to incorporating a whole range of resources and systems into your home environment.

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Composting Toilets

Composting Toilets are increasing in popularity, as more people are beginning to realise the cost savings and the environmental benefits of installing them. And its not as difficult as you may think!

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Dehydrating apples

Solar Cookers

Nelson Environment Centre supports community and enterprise initiatives which offer eco-friendly products and services that also enable our community to become more resilient and sustainable. One product which also uses a plentiful local resource, Nelson sunshine, is the Sunflair solar oven.

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Compost your organic waste

Check out how to compost your organic waste.

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Grow It

Grow It is a network of agencies making it easy to create gardens, grow food, and compost in Nelson.

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