Welcome to Growing Fruit and Nuts

This Guide has been developed to give you the essential information you need for successfully growing fruit and nuts in a suburban backyard in the Top of the South region.

There are four parts to the booklet:

1.  Planning

2.  Planting, Training & Pruning

3.  Essential Plant Info

4.  Other Useful Info

You can download and print each part from the PDFs below, or read each sub-section on-screen by clicking on the menu items at the left of this page, and print out the parts you want to keep for quick reference.

Use the first two sections to find out what sort of fruits would suit the conditions in your yard and how to care for the trees you choose.

The Essential Plant Info section summarises the essentials for each kind of fruit or nut that does well in suburban properties in this region. A handy chart at the top of the page contains the critical info such as size, the amount of sun and water that is needed, and so on.

The final section contains interesting information that goes into more depth on a number of topics, as well as

  • a glossary of terms that are used in the Guide
  • some good sources of further information.

If you want information on a specific topic, you can use the search function to find it quickly.

This information is free for personal use. For any other use, contact the Nelson Environment Centre to ask about copyright permission.

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