Love Food, Hate Waste: Roots-to-stalk and nose-to-tail cooking

Posted by Karen Driver

New research shows that New Zealanders waste a staggering $872 million each year of food that is perfectly edible, which equates to $560 per family.

To turn this waste around, the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign encourages families to do one thing differently to cut down the food they throw in the bin and save money.

To help with this, local Streat Kitchen chef Michael McMeeken is featuring in a series of video clips on using every part of a food item. This is elsewhere known as “roots to stalk” and “nose to tail” cooking.

Michael, who is passionate about reducing food waste, demonstrates how to make simple, tasty dishes from leftovers.

In the videos, Michael ensures nothing goes to waste in the kitchen by making creamy sauce from cauliflower stalks, soup from a chicken carcass and much more.

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign is funded locally by Nelson City and Tasman District Councils, and developed by Nelson Environment Centre.

The clips can be found on the Nelson City Council website:

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  2. Jan 12:39 pm on August 13, 2015

    This is a great idea. Excellent dishes and I too hate waste! Thank you Michael.

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