Front & Back Reuse Shops

The Front Shop
The front shop is a favourite with many of our regular customers and houses our ‘flash trash’. It has a huge range of products including antiques and collectables, smaller pieces of furniture, rugs, carpets, curtains, linens, clothing, shoes, kitchenware, homeware, pictures, sports equipment, tools, electronic appliances, books, CDs and DVDs, lighting, toys… the list just keeps on growing! Everyone is guaranteed to find something.

All electrical appliances have been tested and safety certified by our electrician, Ken Goodall and are individually priced.

The Back Shop
The back shop is situated by the public recycling drop off area. The main feature is the outside yard where larger items are stored. Here you will find furniture, timber, building materials, BBQs, storage, bicycles and much more.

Items at this shop are priced at the check out, so gather the items you want to purchase, take them to the sales desk where our sales people will help you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how reasonable we are!

Dropping off items
Please drop of items for reuse at the back shop, just past the public recycling drop off area. Items should be of  a reasonable quality and suitable for resale. Any items that we do accept are at the discretion the staff.

We are not able to accept items that are safety related like life jackets, car safety seats, seat belts etc as we can not guarantee their condition. We are also unable to take fluorescent lights, backpack sprayers, and an used empty containers.