Cooking With the Sun

Nelson Environment Centre supports community and enterprise initiatives which offer eco-friendly products and services that also enable our community to become more resilient and sustainable.


One product which also uses a plentiful local resource, Nelson sunshine, is the Sunflair solar oven.

The Sunflair uses the sun’s ultraviolet rays, converting them into infrared rays and trapping them inside the oven to heat and cook your food.


What Can You Cook in a Solar Oven?

We’ve had a go at cooking vegetables, frittata and meat stew at the Nelson Environment Centre as well as using the oven at home to bake bread and biscuits, roast chicken and dehydrate autumn fruit like apples and pears.

The oven heats up quickly in the sun, can get up to around 66 degrees Centigrade in 10 minutes and rise to a maximum of 130C.


A Great, Versatile Option

The oven and cooking pots weigh approx 1.5kgs and pack into a shoulder bag easy to carry with you, great for camping and picnics. It’s simple and quick to set up and take down so can be used anywhere there is sunshine, regardless of the outside temperature. Great for use at home in the back yard to save on power too.


Where to Buy

Nelson Environment Centre has some kits available, at a discount, through our Ecoland site on Vanguard Street.  Please visit or email.

The prices are:

Dehydration kit (contains racks and thermometer) $75.00

Standard (Contains one rack, baking ttray, silicon pot and thermometer) $85.00

Deluxe (Contains two racks, baking trays, silicon pots, 1 big baking dish and thermometer) $95.00

We also have an ex demo delux kit available for $55.00

All info and recipes can be found at Sunflair