Useful Links for Schools

For Teachers

Enviroschools  – for schools and young people involved in environmental sustainability activities

Measuring outcomes  – measuring outcomes of environmental action in schools

Ecobuzz  – online magazine produced every term by Nelson City and Tasman District Councils

Wasted TV  – TV series demonstrating ways to save the planet and cash!

Kids recycle  – tools for schools wanting to go zero-waste

Rubbish free  – a practical guide to becoming rubbish free

Sustainable living  – practical information from the Sustainable Living Education Trust

Stop! Recycle those boxes   – fun ways to recycle

Earth Day  – activities and crafts that focus on recycling waste materials

Arts and crafts for kids   – reusing waste as arts and crafts resources for kids

For Students

Kiwi Conservation Club  – Forest & Bird for kids

Ollie’s world  – interactive resources for kids on sustainability

Recycle city  – a game to learn about different ways to get rid of waste

A kid’s guide to recycling  – what kids can do to save money and the environment

Sustainability in Schools

Nelson City Council  – what schools are doing in Nelson City, NZ

Tasman District Council  – what schools are doing around the Tasman District, NZ


The Outlook for Someday  – some great short movies from winners of the young film-makers awards for sustainability in partnership with TVNZ 6

The Story of Stuff  – animation on the story of consumerism and waste, plus many other animated stories


What is composting?  – information from the Create Your Own Eden website on composting

Composting in schools   – guide to composting, worm farming and Boakashi systems in schools

Resources for teachers  – resources on composting, worm farming and EM Boakashi

Composting poster   – what should go into a compost bin

Composting kids   – short movie on how to make compost presented by kids for kids

Worm Farming & Worms

What is worm farming?  – information from the Create Your Own Eden website on worm farming

Worm farm poster  – what should go into a worm farm

Worm farm solutions  – resources for setting up organic waste recycling systems

Sam the superworm  – short movie about the importance of worms (5 mins)

EM Bokashi

What is EM Bokashi?   – information from the Create Your Own Eden website on EM Bokashi

Bokashi poster   – what should go in an EM Bokashi system

Bokashi NZ  – benefits of EM Bokashi

Bokashi Boost  – buy bokashi mix online from a Nelson-based producer

Electronic Waste

The e-waste problem  – Information about the e-waste problem  from Greenpeace

The Story of Electronics  – short animation on the problems of e-waste (8 mins)

Guide to greener electronics  – guide to which electronics are kinder to the environment

Compostable & Biodegradable Packaging

Ecoware – packaging made from plants not oil

Eden Enterprises  – GE free and compostable products mostly made from corn starch

Friendlypak  – economical earth friendly packaging and product alternatives

Potatopak   – 100% biodegradable plates, trays, bowls and cups made from waste potato starch