Vision & Purpose

Nelson Environment Centre/Te Putahi Taiao has a vision for the Top of the South/Te Tau Ihu as a truly sustainable region, comprising vibrant, resilient communities that are great to live in.


A sustainable, resilient and fulfilling future for all

He Tauwhiro, He Manahau, He wā whakaritea mo ngā iwi katoa


To be an inspirational and respected voice on key global and local environmental challenges to the planet; to inform, build awareness, and to assist our community in making appropriate, practical responses to these challenges, and to support environmental education for all.


For a full list of the purposes and objectives of NEC, please request a copy of our Rules.

The region will:

  • live within its environmental limits, using only its fair share of the Earth’s resources
  • have healthy, biologically diverse and productive ecosystems
  • have a resilient and sustainable economy that is able to develop, while reducing its use of natural resources and its contribution to climate change
  • be resilient to the impacts of climate change, peak oil and scarce resources
  • have safe and attractive places for people to live and work, where people have access to services and enjoy good health
  • be fair and just to present and future generations, helping citizens of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to be empowered to determine their own lives, shape their communities and achieve their full potential
  • be inspirational to other regions.

What Success Looks Like

Growth at NEC will be focused on extending our influence, not our balance sheet. Success will be reaching different parts of the community, increasing our membership and support, influencing sustained behaviour change, and continuing to be recognized as a vehicle for change in our region. Success will also be maintaining a happy and engaged team working at NEC; where everyone feels valued and fulfilled by the work they undertake. As a member of the community, success will also mean our own continued contribution to the local economy, and seeing an increased emphasis on localization in our region.