Volunteers needed to minimise event waste & help NEC

Posted by Karen Driver

We have been given the opportunity to provide volunteers to support the cricket world cup in December/January to help the organisers reduce waste from the events.  They will be using reusable plastic glasses for drinks at the event – so no waste cups at all.  There will be a deposit on them to encourage people to bring them back.  This is a great initiative that we want to encourage.  If it works well it is more likely to implemented in other events across the region.  So we need volunteers to help clean the cups after each match.  We have one volunteer spot available on Saturday 30th December.  Nelson Environment Centre will receive some money from the event organisers for the volunteer work we provide and that money will help us to continue to deliver our programmes such as Kai Rescue.  Please contact us on info/2nec.org.nz if you are available to help us out.  It will start at 8:30 until about 2pm.  Thank you.

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