Reducing waste from business

Waste costs money. Typically around 4% of business turnover is spent on waste disposal.  Reducing your waste will deliver financial and environmental benefits

Confidential wasteHow can we help you? 

We can assess the waste you are currently generating and provide you with support to reduce it.  We provide advice on the processes and facilities that suit your workplace and budget.  We advise how best to fully involve your staff because any system that is implemented will only work if it meets the needs of all who use it.

What is the process?

A waste audit is the best way to measure how much waste your business generates.  A waste audit can be visual or ‘sort and weigh’.

The steps involved in conducting a waste audit include:

  • Identifying all on-site waste creation points
  • Identifying who collects the waste and when
  • Deciding how best to assess the waste stream
  • Choosing a typical waste generation period (i.e. a day, week, or a weekend)
  • Identify the quantity of each type of waste and its source.

We can support you to ensure a successful audit is performed, either by supporting your staff or by running the audit for you.

Once an audit is completed, we analyse the results and produce a report identifying the next steps needed to reduce your waste.  We provide advice on reducing the generation of waste, recycling options and the processes needed to implement the suggested changes.  We also identify possible cost savings.

The waste audit provides a baseline of data against which any changes can be measured.  We provide advice on how best to continue that measurement so that you can record and report on the success of any waste minimisation processes you implement.

How have we helped other Businesses?

Businesses across the region have cut their waste – here are some of their stories.

We have also worked with the construction industry. Specifically targeting the reduction of cardboard as a first step to reducing waste from building sites.  Ove20151018_161452r the course of the project, we worked with 37 local builders.  It was encouraging to see that at the start 35% reported that they were already recycling at least one material.  At the end of the project, over two thirds (68%) were recycling, with a number of the original 35% improving their level of recycling in terms of improved processes and an increase in waste streams recycled.

What is the Charge?

An experienced waste minimisation adviser will visit your business for the initial meeting for fee based on a sliding scale, from $50 for thirty minutes, depending on the size of your business and location. The aim of the meeting is to identify the scale of your operation, your particular waste related issues and what you wish to achieve.

A short proposal is then issued to you identifying how best we can support your organisation to minimise waste.  This proposal will include a quotation for any further work.  Our adviser will contact you to discuss the proposal by phone and arrange a date for any further support.

Nelson Environment Centre does not provide any waste or recycling service collections (apart from electronic waste, which we can collect).  Instead, we work with the existing waste service providers to ascertain the services they offer so we can independently advise which provider will best suit your needs.  Any negotiation on price for waste or recycling services is conducted between your organisation and the service provider.


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CASE STUDIES Take a look at these local businesses who are already benefiting from cutting waste: Port Nelson Nelson Marlborough DHB Richmond Mall Bunnings Gibbons Construction Collingwood Park Motel

USEFUL LINKS There is a lot of good advice and help available for businesses who want to reduce waste and become more sustainable. Check out these great links here.


If you would like to find out how your business can reduce waste and save costs contact Karen Driver on 03 545 9176 or email me.  We offer this support on a consultancy basis to work with you in your business to support implementation of a waste reduction programme.