It is estimated 80 000 tonnes of electrical and electronic waste is being disposed into landfills in New Zealand each year.


Why Recycle E-Waste?
E-waste contains heavy metals that are rare. E-waste also includes plastics that are blended with bromide and chloride based fire-retardants, these are toxic to the environment when they break down, and if they are heated with metals in scrap metal smelting they can form dioxins which are carcinogenic. 

It is estimated that E-Waste contributes 40% of the lead and 70% of the heavy metals found in landfills.

E-Waste Recycling
At the Nelson Environment Centre we will recycle your electronic waste to keep it out of landfill and reuse what we can. 

When possible we will extend the life
of a product by repairing and upgrading it for resale. This helps cover the costs of the programme.

We accept anything with a plug or battery, apart from large whiteware and oil heaters. We also accept and separate batteries for recycling and responsible disposal.

Electrical Testing & Second Hand Components
Our E-Waste team have a qualified technician who can test and tag your electrical appliances and devices. We also stock a range of second hand electrical components including power supplies, fans, leads and small appliances.

Data Destruction
All data on hard drives, storage devices and hand held devices is securely destroyed on site.

Computer Support Services
Our E-Waste team offers some basic computer support services such as Hardware Cleaning, Transferring Data, Upgrades and troubleshooting. These services are by appointment only so give us a call to make a time.

We charge a small fee to cover the costs of E-Waste Recycling, starting from $5 per item. Please note a $20 subsidy off E-Waste recycling is now available for Nelson and Tasman residents.

Contact email: lindsaymoore@nec.org.nz or benharrison@nec.org.nz