Ways to help keep Nelson green

Nelson is known as one of the greenest Cities in New Zealand and can be proud of being proactive in conservation and sustainability activity. We are known for our success in pest trapping, tree planting, rolling out cycle networks and our region boasts three impressive National Parks that draws visitors from across the world.

Local students have recently called for more urgent action on climate change with their strikes, and in her recent lunch hosted by the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce, Prime Minister Ardern called climate change “The single most important issue we face today.” We have also seen our Local Government recognize the urgency around this issue through their acceptance of the Declaration of the Climate Change Emergency and nationally, the introduction of the Zero Carbon Bill by 2050.

These are all positive steps that bring our community together and the Nelson Environment Centre is proud to be on this journey with you.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that helps the Nelson-Tasman community live more sustainably and reduce its impact on the environment.

At a public meeting in 1976, a group of concerned locals came together and unanimously voted to support the establishment of the Environment Centre. This brought together 14 local groups that represented a range of environmental initiatives.

Over this time, our programs and services have evolved in line with the needs of our community. We are now focused on waste reduction, through our Kai Rescue programme and E-Waste (electronic waste recycling) programme; recycling and reuse through our Reuse Centre in Tahunanui, and providing information and support to help build the resilience in our community to meet the challenges of today and into the future.

There is always more we could all be doing to make a difference, no matter how small the change, it all adds up, which is why we are excited to introduce ‘Green Ways’. A regular article to share ideas, news and initiatives that will help us all on our pathway to preserve our environment for future generations.