National Volunteer Week

June 16 to June 22 is National Volunteer Week, so why not take this opportunity to volunteer for an organisation that is working towards a sustainable future for your kids and grandkids? By choosing to volunteer for an environmental organisation we send an important message about what is valued in our community.

In New Zealand 1.2 million people volunteer every year, a massive number for such a small country.  Volunteering is a powerful force for good, with positive outcomes for both host organisations and the individuals who volunteer.  Volunteering is good for our physical and mental health, giving us the opportunity to make social connections and do meaningful work for the common good.  

Locally, you can get involved with practical projects to protect and restore nature such as trapping predators, removing weeds, and planting trees, through The Brook Sanctuary or local branches of Forest and Bird and the Department of Conservation.  Or contact Volunteer Nelson for a list of local organisations that might need your help.

Like all community organisations that rely on a volunteer workforce, the Nelson Environment Centre simply could not achieve its important goals without the many volunteers who devote time each week to our programs.  For us, National Volunteer Week provides an opportunity to acknowledge that great work and say thank you. 

Every week, committed volunteers make our our Kai Rescue program happen, support our E-waste recycling program and help manage and improve the Centre’s operations.  We have long-term volunteers who have contributed over 200 hours, as well as one-off volunteers who all make a difference to the Centre.

On a recent student-free day, a local high school student Eva Guyot came to our centre to volunteer in our Kai Rescue programme. Eva is motivated by wanting help address the waste issue in New Zealand and one of her favourite quotes is ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ She chose to make the most of her day, doing what she thinks was the right thing to do. It is volunteers like Eva that give us hope for a sustainable future.

Whatever your time commitments, please consider finding some time to devote to an environmental cause.

Holly Cole