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The Nelson Environment Centre can save your business time and money by reducing your waste and energy costs ...Learn more

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Living more sustainably - reducing your energy use and waste; creating healthy soils and edible gardens ...Learn more

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Our educational specialists and teachers want to bring environmental education to your school or preschool ... Learn more

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The Environment Centre campaigns and acts to build vibrant, resilient communities that are great to live ...Learn more

Eat Eggs & Give More

New research from The Netherlands suggests that eating eggs may lead people to be more charitable. Environmental charities are brilliant pioneers of initiatives: think recycling, saving dolphins or growing your own food – all first driven by environmental charities - not business or Governments. We all know charities are persistently asking us for money, but here's a few sound reasons why you should support your local Environment Centre ...
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Our ReUse & ReCycle Centre

Our ReUse & ReCycle Centre, 6 Vivian Place (off Pascoe St), Tahunanui

Our Braemar Offices

Our Braemar offices are located at 1a Braemar Place, at the top of Upper Franklyn Street