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Our business waste consultant can save you money and reduce the impact of your business on the environment, by supporting and advising you on how to reduce your waste ...Learn more

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Living more sustainably - reducing your energy use and waste; creating healthy soils and edible gardens ...Learn more

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Our environmental educator offers information and hands-on workshops for your school or preschool ... Learn more

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The Environment Centre supports our community through hosting the Organic Greengrocer, acting as an umbrella to fledgling local community groups and supports our social support infrastructure through our Kai Rescue programme...Learn more

Visit NEC to recycle your e-waste, buy computer components and get your PC fixed

Electronic waste recycling, computer services, sale of components and electrical testing – all available now at NEC, Ecoland. Not only can we accept your electronic items for recycling, and sell components for reuse, but we are now offering some general services such as virus removal, data recovery, transfer of data to a new device, diagnose and fix your laptop or desktop, etc.
Details and prices are now on our website. Neil is also certified to tag and test your electrical devices for $10 each – to ensure they are electrically safe. http://www.nec.org.nz/e-waste/

Our ReUse & ReCycle Centre

Our ReUse & ReCycle Centre, 6 Vivian Place (off Pascoe St), Tahunanui

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Our Ecoland, 31 Vanguard Street, Nelson