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Our business waste consultant can save you money and reduce the impact of your business on the environment, by supporting and advising you on how to reduce your waste ...Learn more

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Living more sustainably - reducing your energy use and waste; creating healthy soils and edible gardens ...Learn more

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Our environmental educator offers information and hands-on workshops for your school or preschool ... Learn more

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The Environment Centre supports our community through hosting the Organic Greengrocer, acting as an umbrella to fledgling local community groups and supports our social support infrastructure through our Kai Rescue programme...Learn more

E-waste Recycling subsidy available

NCC now provides a $20 subsidy to Nelson City Council region residents when they bring their e-waste for recycling to NEC’s Ecoland store at 31 Vanguard Street, Nelson. This subsidy is one per household or business up to 30 June 2018. The subsidy total fund is limited so it will finish once it is used up or on 30 June 2018, whichever is earlier.

Our ReUse & ReCycle Centre

Our ReUse & ReCycle Centre, 6 Vivian Place (off Pascoe St), Tahunanui

Our Ecoland

Our Ecoland, 31 Vanguard Street, Nelson